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Simple,  Secure,  Reliable Messaging Application

With Baatcheet, you'll get fast, simple, secure messaging and calling for free, available on phones all over the world!

Baatcheet is an instant messaging application that allows Android Smartphone users to exchange text, image, video, and audio messages for free. Baatcheet is especially popular with end-users who do not have unlimited text messaging. In addition to basic messaging, Baatcheet provides group chat.

Baatcheet is a collaboration hub that can replace email to help you and your network and team to work together seamlessly. It’s designed to support the way in which people naturally work and share so that you can collaborate with people online as efficiently as they do face-to-face. 

Baatcheet workspace is made up of channels, where team members can communicate and work together. Keep reading to learn about four key features of BaatCheet.

Features of BaatCheet Application

Best in class Security - Phone number, Location, email id, chats, files, media, age, gender are not captured hence privacy of the user is the most important feature.

  • Video calling and audio calling.
  • Inbuilt emojis and stickers and GIFs.
  • Application is available in any language based on the keypad. It supports all typing languages.
  • The App will also work on a 2G network and also support older versions of Android phones like Android 4.
  • App asks for security pin frequently so that the user can remember it, and the privacy of the user messages is ensured.

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