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Mintskill HR Solutions is an initiative by the founders having experience in Human Resource, HR consulting and building human capital for corporates. At Mintskill, Consulting goes beyond giving facts and knowledge. We believe that human capital building is a way of thinking more than anything else and hence we focus on developing the key processes that enable a corporate continue to focus on key business metrics, while we assist in human capital building. 

We understand how the lack of quality manpower and enterprising professionals has crippled business growth in India. At the same time, corporate India continues its struggle to find the requisite skilled and knowledge to excel professionally. Like many successful ideas, the idea of setting up Mintskill was born out of a need and a problem, seen as an opportunity.

Mintskill word is derived from the combination of word "Mint" and "skill".  Minting of metal for coinage traced back to 6th Century BC in India. The metal used to melt in crucible and this technique is called Minting. "Skill" is our endeavor to prowess and remain a lifelong learner. 

Mintskill logo has been designed so thoughtfully that it captures and exudes all the innate elements of Wisdom, Wholeness,  Creativity and Balance use of Technology and above all character that our company stands for. Our logo symbolizes the company attributes and endows us with a distinctive visual image which is close to the principles of the professionalism, workmanship, learning and contribution to the society.


If one looks at the elements of our logo, it is clearly evident that the Turquoise color signifies 'Energy and tranquility', 'Trans-dimensional' The black color represent technology employed to achieve 'Progress' and finally, the " in Skill a professional symbolic represents the 'Pinnacle of Success'. Through consistent use of our brand identity we express our intrinsic qualities fully and create an impactful image. This undoubtedly, enhances our identity among all our stakeholders uniformly.

Our logo represents the very soul of our entity and signals the common values and beliefs that guides our behaviour and the manner we conduct ourselves. It instills a sense of refreshing energy, wisdom, wholeness immense pride, balance and belongingness to our Group. Our logo is our identity to the world outside. 

Minting Human Capital

Connecting great people to great places of work. Impacting communities. Transforming lives

Collaboration |  Accessibility  | Transparency

These three values are the lifeblood of our business and the driving force behind everything we do. Our unique, values-driven model empowers consultants to drive business their way. It inspires them to focus on quality over quantity. It allows them to make our clients and candidates the priority. After all, our consultants know recruiting isn’t just about the results—it’s about the experience you have along the way.