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Statutory HR Compliance

Statutory HR Compliance Services

HR Statutory compliance in parlance means complying with the legal framework consisting of rules and regulations that an organization needs to adhere while dealing with people, Manpower. While complying with all requirements under various labour law, employment acts and rules is a cumbersome process, lapses in compliance may lead to many complications including fines and penalties.

MintSkill works closely with its clients to systematize and simplify the Human Resources compliance process making is smooth, mistake proof and less time consuming. MintSkill offers the following services :

  1. Consultation on compliance under various Labour, Employment and HR Acts – Central, State and Local Laws
  2. Compliance Audit, Gap Analysis and consultation on course correction
  3. Compliance services pertaining to Establishments and Factories
  4. Setting up Systems and Processes for ensuring timely compliance
  5. Registrations, Permissions and Licenses under applicable laws
  6. Liaisoning with Government and Statutory Bodies
  7. Automation of Statutory Compliance
  8. Training HR team on statutory compliance

New Labour Code Compliance Services

The Ministry of Labour and Employment introduced four Bills in 2019 to amalgamate 29 central laws related to labour laws thereby simplifying and modernizing the labour regulations in a labour-intensive country, like India. These bills regulate: (i) Wages, (ii) Industrial Relations, (iii) Social Security, and (iv) Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions, which have been codified and enacted as:

  1. The Code on Wages, 2019
  2. The Industrial Relations Code, 2020
  3. The Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code, 2020 and
  4. The Code on Social Security, 2020

Implications for the organizations


Following areas shall be impacted owing to implementation of the Labour Codes :

  1. Wage Definition
  2. Compensation and Benefits Structure
  3. Financial Impact
  4. Work Force Categorization
  5. HR Policies
  6. Compliance Mechanism
  7. Offences and Penalties

Mintskill Process for Transition and Implementation

Benefit of HR statutory compliance Services of Mintskill

  • Peace of mind, Task is in good hands.
  • Clients now focuses on strategic business areas
  • Reduce, risk and labour overheads
  • Timely compliance and adherence to existing and new labour laws
  • Avoidance of litigation, its costs out of non-compliance
  • Complete record maintenance as per regulation