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Returnship for Women

You Paused Your Career for Caregiving, Now your Journey Resumes at Mintskill

Return - Resume - Restart - Rejoice 
Mintskill's Equality & Diversity mission at workplace supports a more gender-balanced organization to increase Client success, profitability and more employees satisfaction !

It’s no secret that women are under-represented at few levels at workplace, and women returning to work after career breaks are often overlooked. At Mintskill we invite you for an opportunity to restart career, by providing you support, training, guidance and mentorship.  

Our aim, through Bring Women Back to Work, is to provide you with a program that allows us to recruit new talent by supporting women who have taken long career breaks in their journeys back to work so that you can Return to work, Resume to work life, Restart the balancing the work and family,  and Rejoice of coming back through rewards and recognition. We intend to train and bring you back into business within our line of businesses

Connecting Great untapped Talent Pool 

Our Recruitment process is set up to place equal value on candidates having a gap in their work history, We are aware of the fact that many women candidates are often experienced and highly qualified. By Bringing Women's with career breaks, help us bring back, highly talented people. 

Mintskill strives to make it easier for women to combine work and family. By providing women returning to work,  the support you need to find ideal re-entry roles, this program smoothen the transition back into the workforce. Mintskill's Returnship initiative is developed to enable experienced women like you, in business if you have been on a career break and looking to re-enter the world of Talent Acquisition, HR Compliances and Business Development. As part of our exclusive, women-only program -  Returnship, We invite enthusiastic and talented women who are currently on a career break and are looking to get back to their careers

It's a 16-week program, which will offer flexible work options including work-from-home or hybrid options depending on the role. During this period, Returnee will be provided on-demand remote learning and on the Job training and will be mentored to work remotely. 

Successful returnees will be absorbed as full-time employee. Welcome Back !