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Currently, most agencies carry out all client-facing communications through multiple email threads, whether it’s a new job requisition from our clients, giving feedback for candidates, or making important hiring decisions.

Mintskill HR Solutions clients are more in control; our clients have the power and flexibility to collaborate in order to land the best candidates. This means our client add notes, and share feedback of candidates and notes internally.

With lots of feedback from our clients and partners, we’re thrilled to announce Client Portal, a special edition of Mintskill Recruitment platform that caters to the needs of our clients and HR business partner.


The dashboard gives our clients a summary of stats such as jobs in the pipeline, yet-to-start, and filled, while also letting you dive deeper into each of these modules. Going a step further, you can also view the Candidates and Interview details on their respective pages.

Colloborate Hiring

Team-up with your colleagues when you evaluate candidates. Assign interviews to your business and hiring manager and add notes to make your hiring process more collaborative and organized.