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Personal Interview Etiquette

By - Mintskill
01 Mar 2022 07:06 PM

Interview etiquette refers to codes of conduct an individual must follow while appearing for interviews. Let us go through some interview etiquette:

    • Research about the company, Job roles, Job description multiple times, till you get the confidence of that. Ask yourself what is the skills, knowledge and competencies required, what exactly the interviewer is looking for in the candidate and then prepare well. 
    • Carry 2-3 copies of your updated resume, Resume must be a printout ( no xerox) on a white BOND paper and to be kept in an A4 size envelope without folding the same. Resume should be no more than 2 pages stapled together.
    • Prepare a dress and get yourself well groomed, in business formal if required as per Job role. 
    • An individual must be present at the interview venue before time. Start from your home a little early and allow a margin for traffic congestion, car problems, route diversions and other unavoidable circumstances. Check the route well in advance to avoid last minute confusions.
    • If you do not have your own conveyance, book a cab or ask your friend or family member to drop you right outside the venue. Avoid getting delayed, to reach on that day.
    • Be very particular about your appearance. Follow the professional dress code for an everlasting first impression. Wear something which looks good on you. Coordinate a light colour shirt with a dark colour well fitted trouser. Make sure your shoes are polished and do not make noise. Hair should be neatly combed and apply a mild perfume. It is essential to smell good.
    • Keep a notepad / diary and pen handy you may require to make notes if required.
    • Enter the interviewer’s cabin with confidence. Greet him/her with a warm smile. A firm handshake says that an individual is confident, aggressive and willing to take challenges. Check cultural context before you offer to shake hands if the interviewer is a female. Do not sit unless you have been told to.
    • Make eye contact with the interviewer. Avoid looking here and there.
    • Be honest with the interviewer. Remember a single lie leads to several other lies. Avoid fake stories. It might land you in trouble later.
    • Take care of your pitch and tone. Be polite but firm.
    • Stay calm. Avoid being nervous during interviews. Remember no one will hang you till death if you do not clear the interview. There is always a second chance.
    • One must sit straight for the desired impact. Avoid fiddling with pen and paper. It is important to have the right attitude as it helps you stand apart from the crowd.
    • Keep your cell phone in the silent mode while attending interviews. Cell phone ringing during interviews is an offense.
    • Chewing gum during an interview is childish.
    • Do not fold your resume; instead keep it in a proper folder. Carry all other relevant documents which you might need during the interview. Keep a passport size photograph handy.
    • Slangs and one-liners must not be used in interviews.
    • Avoid cracking jokes with the interviewer.
    • Once you are done with the interview, do not forget to thank the interviewer.
    • Don’t forget to ask the name of the Interviewer, It's good to follow up with the person scheduling the interview with names so it becomes easy/fast to get feedback. 

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