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Job Opportunities with Startups

By - Mintskill
21 Oct 2020 06:30 PM

Opportunities Provided with Startups

With many sector units ready to shrink dramatically in India, the pressure of employment falls heavily on the startup within Private sector.

Big corporate do have stringent recruitment policies. Reputed corporate players do require highly skilled individuals. Companies establish relationships with a handful of specialized talent. Not just technical skills, they need employees with polished personalities, good communication skills and other soft skills.

India is a young nation and hence there is a demand for niche skills. Not just corporates, there is a demand for niche skills in every sector of the economy. Despite the gap between a demand and availability of Job opportunities, job-seekers have their own priorities. The Placement agencies too can help people to find the best job in startups, according to their skills. The People who can wait, do wait for better opportunities to come their way. On the contrary, there are many who would immediately grab any and every opportunity that comes their way.  

Opportunities Provided by startups

Goes without saying, startups do provide a lot of employment opportunities. Contrary to established corporate names, startups provide their employees with a chance to experiment and try new things. That’s the benefit of not working in a 50 year-old company, because they do have stringent policies in place, which can hinder your experiential learning to a great extent.

Some people find rigid policies to be suffocating. The strict dress code, the rigid code of conduct at work, lack of variety in work or repetitive tasks do not go down well with some people. They rather prefer an amicable environment to work in, where they can not only work in comfortable clothing but also try new things and learn and grow through them.

There are many job consultancies in Mumbai as well, where they provide employment with Startups. Startups are more often than not the brainchild of innovative minds who are sporty enough to take a leap of faith and incur the risk involved in entrepreneurship, just to follow their true calling. Needless to mention, startups need a lot of innovative minds to work with them because innovation is what actually sets them apart from the already established names. This appreciation for innovation is really enticing to some people and this is how startups create employment opportunities.

What startups cannot provide?

Having said that, working in a startup cannot be congenial to many. Working in a startup will definitely not fetch you those big bucks from the very beginning. There are so many, who would love to work with startups just for the sake of learning, but they cannot afford to do so, as the amount that they make is a greater priority. Employees riding under loans or students having educational loans on them cannot avail the opportunity to work with startups, even if they want to.

There are many who have other priorities. Some love the experience of working in a reputed, established company than an emerging one. To some, a safe and secured job is what they need and want in their lives, which a startup cannot guarantee.

Therefore, whether or not to consider startups as serious employment opportunities, will vary from person to person, as it largely depends on an individual’s perception and priorities.

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