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Remote Interviewing Tips?

By - Mintskill
17 Mar 2020 11:13 AM

What is best practice for interviewing Remotely ?

In order to limit trips to office, an option for hiring managers is to replace in-person interviews with phone or video interviews over the Skype / zoom / whatsapp. If in-person interviews are highly preferred, follow the for social distancing. Don’t shake hands, sit 6-feet apart and make sure your interview space is clean with wipes and hand sanitizer readily available. Please contact your #mintskill recruitment partner if you need more guidance.

What are your tips for video interviews?

I have personally been on both ends of video interviews and have no issue with them at all. It can be a quick way to get someone interviewed while still getting a feel for who they are and how they present themselves. It's also cheaper if the candidate is not local


Here are a few tips that we would like to share with job seekers when conducting video interviews:

Here are suggestions for job seekers who will be doing more video interviews than before due to the ongoing #coronavirus pandemic.

  • Be sure you are in a location that is quiet, neutral space, and good light coming to the face of the person attending interview. 
  • Maybe you should consider using some headphones to avoid echo if that is an issue
  • Take into account your backdrop, sometimes interviewers can get distracted if there are a lot of potential distractions behind you
  • As the interviewee, do your best to limit any typing if you like taking notes, it can be quite loud on the other end
  • When you prepare for the interview, do not assume that because it’s on video that you can simply hide notes and talking points all around you, it's still quite easy to notice if you're ill prepared. 
  • Be sure to prepare as you would if you were in person interview face to face. 
  • Always leave a second or two to pause after speaking as there can be a short lag in the video feed from time to time and you want to ensure the interviewer has a chance to speak or ask clarifying questions
  • Be aware that if you wear eyeglasses (spectacles ) , the reflection on your lenses can often times be seen by the other person and at times can glare out your eyes
  • Lighting is important for video interviews. If the light source is behind you, you may appear as a dark on the screen. Position a lamp or other light source in front of you.
  • Positioning is also important. Prop up the computer so that you are not looking down at it and practice where to sit so you are framed correctly by the webcam. Make sure your torso is visible — including your hands — especially if you “talk” using hand gestures. You may consider being slightly away from webcam / computer. 
  • Look at the webcam when you speak, not at the interviewer’s face on your screen. When you look into the camera, it appears to the interviewer that you are looking at them directly.
  • And, turn off notifications on your computer and close your other software programs. You do not want to be distracted by beeps every time you receive an email.
  • Smile and say cheeze. 

Stay safe. Happy Hiring.......