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How to ace your First Month at New Job

By - Mintskill
11 Jul 2021 06:59 PM

10 things to keep in mind during your first month at a New Job

  • You will not know it all no matter, how experienced you are. Be ready and willing to shed the old skin.
  • It will be overwhelming. If it isn't, then chances are that you are not stepping out of your comfort zone and there's no growth there. Is it?
  • Quit rushing yourself. You ain't climbing the Everest in a day.
  • Pen down all the small and big tasks you have finished on a daily basis. Looking at it a month later could make you feel good about yourself.
  • Allow yourself to look clueless in meetings. There is no need to mask it.
  • Ask, ask, and, ask again. Keep throwing those questions till you get the answers that can help you. No shame there.
  • Expect your personal schedule to go for a toss. It is ok if you couldn't make it to that yoga class, or could not pick up the groceries. Allow yourself to learn your work schedule first and then squeeze in time for your well-being.
  • There is no point in thinking and planning for the big tasks. Just keep one foot in front of the other and keep walking.
  • It is not going to be a bed of roses. Don't think of this new job as a place where you will find the long-lost happiness and peace that you seek. Happiness is a power that rests within you. Why give that away to any job?
  • In case you have forgotten you were selected for this job. You are good enough. Relax, you've got this.

Have a fantistic First month on the Job. 
Source : Linkedin