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Job Opportunities with Startups

21 Oct 2020 06:30 PM By Mintskill - Comment(s)

With many sector units ready to shrink dramatically in India, the pressure of employment falls heavily on the startup within Private sector.

Big corporate do have stringent recruitment policies. Reputed corporate players do require highly skilled individuals. Companies estab...

Advantages of Having Recruitment Consulting Agency

14 Jun 2020 06:07 PM By Mintskill - Comment(s)

1.  Faster Hiring

Using a reputed hiring and HR Consulting company can reduce your time to hire. A recruitment agency can find candidates much faster. They have a vast talent pool in database, a network of connections to leverage, and access to expensive systems that help locate people with thos...

Invitation to Webinar

01 May 2020 12:06 AM By Mintskill - Comment(s)
A Guide to Getting Your Resume Past the ATS and land Into Human Hands.

Invitation to Webinar

20 Apr 2020 03:30 PM By Mintskill - Comment(s)
We invite you to join this webinar if you wish to engage your time purposefully and knowing strategies and steps to work on your employability and career progression in this lockdown crisis.

We are Hiring during - COVID-19

20 Apr 2020 09:30 AM By Mintskill - Comment(s)
We are Hiring during Covid 19